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These cli-fi stories range from 2000-10000 words and explore possible outcomes of both near and far future worlds given our current path. These worlds tend to be of a dystopian nature and reflect the protagonist's struggles to overcome the obstacles of this world. Often I will narrate through a young adult's voice, with some exceptions.

Under the cover of each book, we have added the option to download the story in three formats, epub, pdf, and mobi. The mobi file is in a zip file, so you will need to extract it first, but the epub and pdf are in their correct format. 

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Home is where the heart is, even if it isn't the place it once was. 



The Hub is a safe place whose residents are protected from the inhospitable conditions of the future. The air inside the hub is cooled and treated, the water is drinkable and food rations are enough to live on.


Yet for one girl who doesn’t fit the mould, it may be a place even crueller than whatever lies outside. Desperate for companionship, a luxury not afforded to future scientists of the hub, Jax has some big decisions to make.


Will she take her chances outside based on only rumours of a community down South? In her journey of discovery, she will learn more about herself and the future directions of the hub, risking everything to find her place in a broken world.   


Shifting Left.png

Ember is desperate to help her friend, but in a world where the rules are set in stone, she doesn't have a lot of options.


Personal freedoms are limited for the survival of the species, but her friend is suffering under the restrictions.


When she is shown that rules can be broken, will she do what it takes to help her friend, or stick to what she has always been told is right?



After Jay leaves on a dangerous mission above ground, the bunker is a lonely place for her twin Riki.


Always overshadowed by Jay, things change for Riki when she meets someone so unlike anyone she’s ever known.


Her brief encounter makes her question everything about the world she lives in but puts her at odds with her closest ally.


Can one person make a difference in a system doomed to fail?

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