As a passionate science communicator, my aim is to make science accessible. My main focus has been on environmental issues, particularly climate change. Climate change is an area of science that poses many difficulties for science communicators. I try to overcome these obstacles in creative ways. My passion lies within fiction, as I believe it to be particularly adept at engaging a wide audience. Not only does it draw you in with an entertaining story, but it engages with your emotions in a way that could lead to longlasting changes in attitudes and behaviours. 


I want to use my writing as a way to invite those that feel disengaged with the issues of climate change back into the conversation. The subject is all too complex and keeping up with the facts and figures can be daunting. However, this is an issue that should be important to everyone regardless of scientific literacy. 

Along with creating stories, I am interested in furthering the research that I have done during my postgrad studies in how to effectively engage an audience through empathy and immersion. I am also interested in using my skills within storytelling to create creative nonfiction pieces that capture the audience in the same way that fiction can.  




My blog will include, but not be limited to, what I have researched over the course of my studies. Some will tackle science communication issues while others may be more political. Others may just be examples of science communication as I write about current issues I find interesting and want to take a new perspective on.

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These cli-fi stories range from 2000-10000 words and explore possible outcomes of both near and far future worlds given our current path. These worlds tend to be of a dystopian nature and reflect the protagonist's struggles to overcome the obstacles of this world. Often I will narrate through a young adult's voice, with some exceptions.

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These are some papers I have done during my Masters which provides insight as to why I think using fiction is important. Over these papers, I have explored why the news media is not enough in tackling an issue as complex as climate change and how useful fiction can be in supplementing these methods. I have talked about all types of fiction throughout various papers including books, films, video games and tv shows. Some of which are still in progress and be added when complete. 




During my Master's program, I did a couple of creative projects that I made in collaboration with my partner Gerrit. I came up with the ideas and wrote the text while Gerrit created the digital output. In both, I had assignment prompts but wanted to stick to my interest in futuristic cli-fi stories. We hope to make some more complete gaming experiences together in the future.



Please feel free to contact me anytime and I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours. Your requests are important to me, so I tend to check my messages a few times a day!


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